We've done this before, two years ago , heading into the NBA's draft lottery. It's a pointless exercise to run a mock draft before the NBA actually settles on the first 14 picks of June's draft, though that hasn't stopped some sites, so we're going to give you the best bit of analysis one can provide in the hours leading up to Wednesday night's lottery, which will be held on ESPN around 8:15 or so, Eastern time. That's right, we're judging the team representatives. The poor saps that have to sit through this mess, 13 of which are going to lose out on the right to Kentucky center Anthony Davis, all of which had to work through an NBA season that didn't end in a trip to the postseason. There's lots of misery to go around, so click the jump and take a look at who is showing up, and who should be showing up at the dais in New York City.