Journeyman center Earl Barron, most recently an NBA player as a member of the Golden State Warriors, is currently participating in the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. He took time from his busy schedule to do an interview with, which you can watch above. When he finished Barron wrote a letter to his sister in Victorian England. We have published these epistles twice before ( here and here ), and we do so again below. Dearest Candace, When I last wrote, I felt that the sun would never set on my basketballing empire. I had just gained employment as a minder of the centered position for the Warriors of Golden State, a troupe whose appellation foretold many riches in my future. I dreamt of restoring our family name to its deserved stature, and of finally ending my tenure in the Colonies and taking my rightful seat at Clarksdale Hall. Alas, we were not to have been so lucky. However, when you reach the end of his parchment, I believe you will feel a renewed sense of belief.