For all the deserved talk about a player's skills and athleticism, success in the NBA often comes down to fit and luck. An individual can't perform at his best unless a team gives him room to grow into a role. Forward Anthony Randolph is a weird player, but also one who's never really gotten an extended chance to prove himself with a single franchise. In four seasons with the Golden State Warriors, New York Knicks, and Minnesota Timberwolves, Randolph has shown flashes of great ability as a shot-blocker, passer, and scorer. Unfortunately, he's almost own versatile for his own good, and no one really seems willing to let his raw talent develop organically. In a way, he's a less talented version of the young Lamar Odom, and it took many years for Odom to find a fit with the Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers. Now, another team will attempt to turn Randolph into a consistently productive member of an NBA rotation. As reported by Yahoo!'s own Marc Spears , Randolph has signed with the Denver Nuggets for $6 million over three seasons.