The internet reaction, even coming on the heels of a lazy Labor Day holiday, was swift and decisive: Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson can think and say great things about former teammate Reggie Miller, but the former Pacers legend (and Basketball Hall of Fame inductee) is most definitely not the third-greatest shooting guard in NBA history. Despite what Jackson thinks , and what might get trumped up between now and Miller's induction on Friday. The Indianapolis Star's Mike Wells, who had to take some indirect heat for merely acting as the messenger for Jackson's Jax-styled analysis, published the quotes in a blog post on Monday night : Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who spent six seasons as Miller's teammate with the Pacers, puts No. 31 near the top of the list once you remove a couple of guys named Jordan and Kobe. "When you take Michael Jordan and you take Kobe Bryant out of the discussion, he's as good as any two-guard that has ever played the game," Jackson said.