It definitely isn't what Jamaal Wilkes wants to be remembered for, but you usually don't get to choose your own legacy some 27 years after playing your final NBA game. And for a couple of generations, now, Jamaal "Silk" Wilkes has been known as the go-to tale that tells any up and comer that if he or she practices something enough, they will become proficient in it. Good at it. Great at it. Hall of Fame-worthy, even, like Wilkes became after a career filled with an unorthodox shooting style and championships upon championships. Wilkes will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, and considering his all-world work both in college (two NCAA titles with UCLA, which holds significant sway in Springfield) and the pros, it's surprising that it has taken him over two decades following the establishment of his eligibility to get the call. Better late than never, we suppose; which also goes for his upcoming number retirement ceremony with the Los Angeles Lakers. On Dec. 28, Wilkes will see his number 52 hung in the rafters at Staples Center.