You guys have probably not heard about it, because it is not a very big deal on the Internet or in popular culture yet, but there's this song called "Gangnam Style" by a Korean pop artist named PSY that is pretty catchy and has a cute dance associated with it. Watching it is a pretty decent way to spend a few minutes, even though you're probably going to have to really devote a lot of time to scouring search engines like Yahoo! and video sites like Yahoo! Screen if you want to find it. Once you have become one of the bold Internet archeologists to unearth that rare, precious gem of a clip, you will possess the requisite knowledge to gauge which solidly-ahead-of-the-curve NBA franchise's web team did a better job of co-opting/adapting "Gangnam Style" as a promotional tool — the Golden State Warriors, led by noted hype man Franco Finn, or the Orlando Magic, led by noted dragon Stuff. First, the Dubs: Next, the Magic: