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Rookie of the Year ?

I think this year's ROY is pretty clear. It's Tyreke Evans who we've wanted to draft since last year's season even started. Brandon Jennings is balling too !
i think you are right. Tyreke Evans is the clear favorite to win rookie of the year. it would have been nice if the warriors could have drafted him. I do think however that Curry is gonna be a great player as well. He is getting better every game. i think he and monta ellis will be a great tandum for years to come. And jennings has lost his flare. He has played poorly recently.
Tyreke, if only because he made his team relevant again.
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Easily Reke. He is unbelievable. I was so upset that the Warriors couldn't get him.
you know i think Evans will win it and by all means deserves it but i think they need to take a hard look at curry before they give it to Evans. Curry maybe on a really bad team but he is becoming better and better every game. Also Curry has bettered Evans the last 2 times they played eachother
although he needs to stop with all those turnovers. although so does the rest of the team really hurts us.
in the beginnin it seemed like jennings was the clear winner then tyreke but since january till now curry has been the better player yes they are all deserving tyreke is a beast jennings is a stud (cocky but a stud) but curry passes better than the two he shoots beter than the two and does alot more with alot less that those two. maybe im bias because i see curry everyday but this guy is for real in a close one curry should win.....although its been decided by espn and the publicity of jennings and tyreke that curry wont win