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2009-10 San Fransico 49ers Thread

Anyone else here a fan of the Niners? They are my favorite team
Never heard of them
Originally posted by TheNaitch:
Never heard of them

Well they suck, but I still cheer for them
Love theml. It sucks that the 9ers are pretty much in offseason mode now. All we can really hope for is to win out the season against some really weak competition to gain some momentum for next year.

Also cheering for all of the Panthers remaining opponents to win for a better draft pick. We're in deep need of some legit OT help to make this "hybrid spread" work out for us.
I don't watch the NFL I watch the CFL
100% NINER FAN, the 49erswebzone is the one that showed me this forum. it definitely sux that we are in the offseason right now, while other teams are in the playoffs.

niner fan right here boy