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Golden State Warriors announce that they are for sale!

OAKLAND, Calif. -- The Golden State Warriors are for sale -- and Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison has already made it well known he wants to buy the team.

The Warriors said Monday that they have hired Galatioto Sports Partners, or GSP, to handle selling the franchise and serve as their exclusive financial adviser throughout the process.
I really hope this happens ASAP. Cohan needs to pick up his **** and get the **** out
Hopefully Larry Ellison gets this deal done.
No one else has any thoughts on this?
haha i dont think to many people post on here. in fact i havent heard anything from a moderator since this thing started
Hmmm. Ok. Well, maybe if we keep posting, other visitors will see that people are talking and join in.
i hope so ive been on many forums that usually have all teams not just a specific team and the warriors are always one of the worste. i would like to have a good site going for once
Any news on the sale? I hope this happens quickly in the offseason. I hope someone buys them who actually cares about the team.