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What do you want to see in the final 10 games of the season?

Only 10 games left. I know the season was pretty much over a long while ago, but I am curious what everyone hopes to see from the team during these final 10 games.

Go Warriors!
i want to see we can play as a team and not just have people putting up shots that shouldnt be put up. i want nellie to get his record. i want to see this team have some idea of what defense is.
A new owner but that won't happen, really I don't care I'm just concerned with the offseason cause there will be alot of changes with a new owner. This season is already in the books for me.
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Yeah, new ownership needs to come in and take charge. Hopefully it is someone that has a passion for the team and game. This team needs that.
Thanks warriorsfan. I hope it's Larry Ellison I think he would like to build a championship team right away and spend money and get the right people to get the job done. But I think any new owner right now would be good like you said an owner who has passion for the game and wants to win.
Just 4 games left.
i would love to see a new owner as well but even with a new owner atleast for this year its not gonna do us much good. we still dont have much money to spend cause of all the big contracts we have invested in maggette, ellis and biedrins. also a new owner might eventually change the thinking of players but most players have always said they have no interest in coming to the warriors.