First post here but after last two games, what a pair of games the Dubs just played. It was definitely an entire team affair but the biggest surprise came from defender and rebounder, Looney. 21 boards in game 1, followed last nite by 22 points and a dozen or so boards. This is the era of the 3 pt shot, but as we just saw, if the ball isn't going in, then Mavs are in trouble.

Fortunately, Steve Kerr has his guys revert to working the ball in close to score if the 3s aren't falling. Last nite? Mavs had 20 pts in the paint …Dubs had 62…Sixty two! Wow. And a big part of that were both offensive rebounds by Looney, but also Looney was alert for the clever passes from Steph, Klay, Wiggs, Poole et al. My bro in Ft Worth watched and commented, dang, you guys run the whole game. Our fast breaks were back breakers for Mavs, and the D was just outstanding. No matter how many points Doncic got, he had to work overtime for them all. He is, BTW, a terrific player. Down by 14 at halftime, and once down 19, the Dubs scrambled back, by D, great rebounding both ends of court, a bunch of well earned close in shots, and then the 3s when they decided to go in.

It was great to see Kerr completely change course and go for 2 pt shots instead of 3s when shooting went cold. We had the 2 pt game down cold…for DAL, it was simply, 3s or die. …they died.

Series is still a long way from over but wow what a pair of terrific games. Go Dubs…go 9ers.